Creative Leadership

Over many years LOBO has continuously been receiving more ILDA Awards for outstanding creative achievements than any other company in the world. In total, LOBO has been granted 104 of those “Laser Oscars” by the “International Laser Display Association”. This makes LOBO the unchallenged creative leader in the laser industry.

Multimedia Imagineering

LOBO is an established provider of world-class turn-key multimedia experiences incorporating not only lasers, but also lighting, video, audio, screens, water, fireworks, trussing, special effects and media control.

The unique LOBO studios are equipped with the latest in media technology, making it possible to demonstrate, pre-program and rehearse even large shows under realistic conditions.


Free Personalized Training

If you purchase a LOBO product, you will always get free personalized training regarding its function and operation at the LOBO facilities. This ensures the best possible usability of the respective product in your specific application.

Free Laser Safety Certification

Professional laser systems need to be operated in accordance with established safety standards. In addition to multi-redundant technical safety measures in each system and the development of laser safety meters, LOBO tries to reach a maximum safety standard by including free laser safety training with a certification according to BGVB 2 (VBG 93) for the operators of each complete system sold.

Premium Lifetime Support

LOBO clients receive unlimited lifetime support by phone and e-mail on products sold by LOBO. Using LOBO’s new HelpLink function, LACON-5® clients can even enable remote access to their system by LOBO service engineers. This allows quick and targeted support – almost like having a specialist right next to you.

24h Emergency Hotline

In case of severe technical problems or malfunctions, qualified LOBO engineers are at your assistance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year on LOBO’s emergency hotline.

24h Reaction Time Guarantee

LOBO guarantees a 24h maximum reaction time on service requests. As LOBO holds all typically required spare parts in stock, LOBO clients can rely on the fast and effective solving of any kind of technical problem.