Innovation Leadership

LOBO is known as an innovation leader and a driving force in laser display technology. It is LOBO’s engineers, for example, who developed the first production-stage color mixing unit, the first laser safety measurement system or the first digital data transmission system. Thus, LOBO clients can be sure of being steps ahead of the typical market standard and of investing in long-lasting solutions which maintain a high value over many years.

Modularized Product Range

LOBO is a renowned manufacturer of laser systems. From the controller to the projector all components are developed and manufactured in the LOBO facilities. This ensures an unsurpassed level of quality and compatibility among different devices. All components follow a modular system design which makes it possible to tailor a laser system exactly to the specific needs of any kind of application by individually combining the different components of a laser system like building blocks.

Maintenance-free Design

You will never be asked to sign a service contract when purchasing a LOBO system, as reliable operation under continuous duty is the primary goal of LOBO developments. This results in the use of long-term tested, high-quality components, of most reliable software solutions and in the use of digital solutions instead of mechanical effect units (e.g. beam tables). Any adjustments are done at the controller, once installation has been carried out.

Digital Data Link DDL-2®

LOBO’s ILDA-awarded DDL® system for the digital transmission of laser projector control signals revolutionized the use of laser show equipment. Multiple independent projectors can be controlled by one single optical connection over large distances, irrespective of weather or electromagnetic interference. Each DDL® device includes a safety monitoring system which can initiate an emergency shutdown of the whole system in less than 0.005 s in the case of a safety-critical error. This makes DDL® the most sophisticated laser safety system on the market.

The new DDL-2® protocol goes far beyond the original purpose of transmitting laser projector control data. DDL-2® devices allow the remote administration of all system parameters by the controller. For the user, the controller and all attached devices become one single entity. Error retrieval, the detection of cabling problems and last-minute configuration changes are a matter of a few mouse clicks. The direct interaction of all devices allows selective safety shutdowns of only those components affected by a safety error. DDL-2® converters provide remote ports for the controller to connect analog projectors or to transmit signals for audio, DMX, RS-232 or parallel ports via DDL-2®. Therefore, even for complex multimedia shows, one optical cable is all you need to make it happen. This shortens setup times and increases the reliability of the whole system.