The year begins with the launch of probably the world‘s largest permanent installation of entertainment lasers in Turkmenistan‘s capital Ashgabat.

Shortly later, LOBO turns 30 years old.

Further rental projects are implemented not just in Turkemnistan, but also in Baku on the occasion of the Eurovision Song Contest.


A year of the superlatives: LOBO is responisble for concept, direction and implementation of the Muscat Jubilee Festival with 4 mio. visitors, presents BMW‘s sub-brand „i“, inaugurates with a pompous multimedia show the world‘s larges parper production plant for corrugated boards and is responsible for the complete implementation of the „Wirtgen Group Technology Days“.

ILDA names LOBO as one of just four „ILDA Accredited Professional Company“.

In the end of the year, LOBO implements a multi-million-dollar project in Nigeria.


The extraordinarily successful sparks lasers are blessed with awards, including the VR Innovation Award, as well as the RedDot and IF Design Awards.

A large number of sparks lasers ist sold to Egypt and Japan. A multimedia installation on the basis of sparks is launched in Hamedan. For the Europa Park, LOBO is responsible for the new „Historama“ Attraction. In the events sector, LOBO is seen at the World Economic Forum in Davos and stages the world premiere of BMW‘s „Vision Efficient Dynamics“ Prototye.

Last but not least, Lothar Bopp receives ILDA‘s greates honor: The Career Achievement Award.


The New Year‘s Eve show in Bucharest is the dawning of a new era in show laser technology. It was the first application of the revolutionary „sparks“ series. With sparks, LOBO has completely re-thought the design and use of entertainment lasers. Thanks to the innovative PCS system, sparks are the world‘s brightest multi-color entertainment lasers in the world.

For the Dieter Schwarz Foundation LOBO creates an impressive launch of the „experimenta“ Science Centers and sparks-Laser create an appropriate highlight for the Innovation Award Ceremony of Baden-Württemberg.


After a large multimedia installation in a water park at the shore of the Dead Sea and uncounted events, including the White Night in Bucharest, LOBO implemented complete show concepts, e.g. for Gazprom, Uralkali and Tecom‘s „SmartCity Malta“.

Onboard the „Carnival Imagination“ LOBO receives its 100th ILDA Award. An all-time recod for ILDA Awards!



LOBO electronic is founded by Lothar Bopp. Its first main activities were the supply of discotheque equipment and electronic accessoires as well as the development of custom-built light control systems.



LOBO first starts to resell laser systems of foreign manufacturers. Their disappointing level of quality and obvious lacks in operation and finishing were the reason of LOBO to initiate an own research and development program in the field of show laser technology.



The business activities of LOBO lightning systems flourish in Germany and abroad. Already greater lots of light-effects appliances were sold to Japan. Due to the continous expansion LOBO has to move to a larger building. In the end of the year, LOBO´s first Lasercontroller, the LACON-2, premieres.



On the occasion of the "SIB ´87" LOBO presents with the LACON-2 laser controller, the AMP-2 scanning unit and the pioneering RGB color mixing unit the first standarized solution to define the color of a laser graphic at any desired point. This innovative technical achievement, unique for years and awarded with "SIB Award", has a booster effect on the international success of LOBO laser systems.

One of the first clients in classical entertainment facilities is the famous "Wagner Festspielhaus" in Bayreuth building the basis for further expansion in this market.


In the same year theLOBO design group was founded. This not only allows to expand into the steadily growing event market, but also to give precious feedback for the development and continous improvement of products.



LOBO introduces the legendary LACON-3 realtime-controller. This machine provides an unsurpassed performance by bundling the latest developments in parallel processing technology with a sophisticated user interface. It allows everybody create instantly complex 3D effects and impressing shows in realtime. With show frames, mirror effects generated directly by the new AMP-3 scanning unit and multi-channel animation capabilities groundbreaking new concepts enter the laser display industry.

Even Cliff Richard, one of the first artists profiting from This developments during a TV live show, is astonished by the new possibilities of laser technology.



LOBO makes history. On the occasion of the 40st anniversary of the German Democtratic Republic, the East German regime purchases a big LOBO laser system for their "Palace of the Republic". During the inauguration of the system in the presence of Michael Gorbatchev, the masses shout outside "We are the people". After the event Gorbatchev places the decisive words for the German re-union "Those who come too late are punished by life".

Due to the growing demand for LOBO laser systems the company had to move to a larger building with modern multimedia studios and state-of-the-art laboratories for reasearch work in the field of optoelectronics.



The presence at many international fairs and sales throughout the world, establish the LACON-3 platform and the RGB color mixing principle as a new market standard throughout the world.

In the meantime LACON-3 grows to a complete product family with the LACON-3 plus unifying two LACON-3 devices in one machine and the LACON-3 Player Unit for stand-alone operation.



LOBO obtains the renowned Innovation Award of the State by the minister for economic affairs.

LOBO has established as one of the market leaders in the laser sector. LOBO laser systems can now be found in installations from South America over the Gulf region to the far east in discotheques, planetariums, IMAX cinemas, museums. Also in the rental sector LOBO sets new standards with events in the middle east and the realization of complex multimedia shows, as e.g. the Hoesch pavillion at the Hannover fair.

On the occasion of the "Showtech" in Berlin LOBO introduces the Laser Truck principle. Two 16-tons standard containers form a large-scale mobile laser system with integrated control room and almost 60 Watts of whitelight laser power, ready to go within a minimum of time. At the Olympic Games in Barcelona, this superior technical concept proves in practice.



LOBO receives on the last occasion of its first participation in an American fair the renowned LDI award for the best laser technology.



LOBO becomes a corporate member of the "International Laser Display Organisation" (ILDA).

In the same year LOBO launches the tape-based product family ECONOMY LINE designed for discotheques, theaters and advertisement featuring the latest laser safety monitoring systems. It consists of the tape-based player EPU-3T and the new compact laser projector ELGP-3.



With the ILDA-awarded Laser Safety Measurement System LMS-2 LOBO is setting new standards regarding the safety of laser shows. For the first time it is possible to judge instantaneously and completely automized the safety of scanned beam effects.

This year was the start for the development of the new LACON generation and the signal transmission system DDL, later been awarded by ILDA. This optical high speed bus combines all attached devices to a closed laser safety system.


On the search for new projecting materials for large audiences LOBO develops the Water Screen system. It consists of two meter fountain segments which can easily be alligned to create a rectangular, wind-resistant and almost completely transparent projection surface for hologram-like laser, slides or video projections.



For the first time, Prof. Simon lists LOBO in his famous book "The Hidden Champions" as the worldwide leading company in the field of laser show technology. Also the renowned "Handelsblatt" finds out that LOBO is now the market leader in the industry.

The live effect generators Micon-3 and Micon-5 presented on the occasion of the Photokina in Cologne make the ECONOMY LINE the perfect platform for creating live stunning laser spectacles by means of two MIDI keyboards. It not only comes with full support of scanned mirrors and sound-to-light control, but is probably also the first laser controller capable of being controlled by DMX.

The high-speed scannind unit AMP-5 and the new RGB-A05 form together the first digital laser projector with unsurpassed performance and efficiency.

Due to the high demand for Water Screens, LOBO develops an Indoor Water Screen. Thousands of especially designed nozzles at ceiling-mounted distibution segments create perfectly directed water fall perfectly suited for rear projection with a minimum of splashing water.



LACON-5 premiered on the occasion of the SIB. The first generation of LACON-5 workstation follows a hybrid hardware approach combining the transputer network of the LACON-3 platform with the computing power of the latest generation of DSPs. This first step makes it possible for LOBO to develop spectacles for the well-established LACON-3 and LACON-5 systems at the first time.

With the "Mercury" LOBO equips the last of three vessels of the Celebrity Cruises` fleet with a fiber-based laser entertainment system. A whole series of sea water proof components has been designed especially to fulfill the demanding specifications by client, no other manufacturer could meet.



In the Spanish Valencia the multimedia spectacle for the inauguration of Santiago Calatrava´s "Hemispheric", raises international attention. ILDA makes this show the outdoor laser show of the year.

For the Europapark, Germany´s biggest theme park, LOBO designs a revolving multimedia theatre where the complete audience is moved between 6 different sceneries with changing technical setups. 5 laser projectors, 40 slide projectors, 6 video projectors, special effects and physical experiences, such as wind, rain and temperature changes lead the visitors in a world of pure emotions.



The MODULA-5 controllers comes to live. Its compact size, its extreme ease of use and its unmatched modular expansion capacity make it one of the most successful products, LOBO has ever manufactured. Every MODULA-5 is as unique as its owner. Sliding in expansion modules make this MO-based playback computer an interactive show programming system by MIDI, a laser design console, a DMX-emulating system, an universal controller for all kinds of peripheral systems or a part of externally controlled multimedia systems.

In the middle of the year LOBO inaugates its new futuristic looking headquarters, featuring a giant multimedia studio. The sophisticated layout of this studio makes it possible to realistically simulate even large-scale events in advance leading LOBO shows to a new level of perfection.



The viewers of 65 television stations and more than two million spectators on site follow live LOBO´s laser spectacle as highlight of Germany´s official millenium celebration at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. This show is running in synchronisation with large-scale projections at the "Deutsches Eck" in Koblenz and the famous "Porta Nigra" in Trier. With further millenium projects in Germany, Austria, Hong Kong and Cape Town LOBO has proven to be a central player in the realization of giant shows.

In October LOBO welcomes about 120 representants of laser companies from all parts of the world in its headquarters as host of the annual conference of the International Laser Display Association (ILDA).



With the second and final generation of the LACON-5 workstation, LOBO introduces the result of almost 7 years of intense development with installations in three German planetariums. This completely new approach in hard- and software bundles the experience with former systems, the wishes of the inhousing design group and intense discussion with the client and provides new features far ahead the common market standard, as for example the Laser Scanline Video function providing high-resolution video-like imagery using conventional vector projection systems.

On the occasion of the first virtual Online ILDA Award´s Ceremony LOBO obtains for the third time more ILDA Awards than any other company. With almost 50 Awards in total within the few years of its ILDA membership, the LOBO´s design group has been firmly established among the leading internatiional laser show designers.



LOBO presents on 4 international fairs the show "Mentopolis" featuring the new TriDome technology developed for full-dome laser projections in planetaria at an unsurpassed level of accuracy.

In August LOBO creates a laser spectacle of the superlatives enthralling 1,2 million spectators along the banks of the Danube in Budapest on the occasion of the Hungarian National Holiday with 9 independent high-performance laser projectors installed all over the city.


At the end of the year LOBO receives the Innovation Award Ostwürttemberg and completes works for a new multimedia attraction in the China Dinosaur Park near Shanghai using lasers, Water Screens, water fountains, light effects and live performers.



LOBO is contracted by Costa, Europe’s leading cruise line, to install sophisticated laser entertainment systems on 5 new boats in total.


LOBO is exhibitor and official sponsor of the first professional live entertainment trade show of the Middle East, the PALME in Dubai.


In Dubai and on other international trade shows, LOBO presents consistent advancements of the LACON-5 platform, such as the SMS module or the GPS module to synchronize shows over any given distance.



In 2004 LOBO sets another innovative highlight with its first multi-color laser moving head called ZAPHIR. It is  available in a fiber-fed version with up to 15 W or alternatively with an integrated laser.


For the first time LOBO stages the Summernights open-air laser experience at the Holiday Park.


LOBO further expands its competences in the multimedia sector with outstanding installations, as  for example on the largest cruise ship on earth, the Queen Mary II, but also in amusement parks like Mines Wonderland / Kuala Lumpur or Habtoorland / Beirut.



With the first prototype of the self-aligning 12-lines color-mixing unit RGB-AO7 LOBO proves again its innovative strength in the laser display industry.


In the middle of the year, LOBO receives the International Show  Award.


The wolrd’s largest private yacht is equipped with a giant X15 LOBO laser system and the Science Center of the Sultan Bin Abdulasiz Foundation in Saudi Arabia is opened with a breathtaking multimedia laser show.



The year starts with a spectacular kick-off of the Mercedes GL-Class at the Detroit Motor show.


With 88 ILDA awards in total, LOBO not only receives for the 8th time in a row most of all Awards, but also takes the lead in the 18-years Awards’ rank list of the International Laser Display Association.


The year ends with the most spectacular use of lasers at shows of Olympic scale at the opening ceremony of the Asian Olympic Games in Doha.



In 2007 LOBO celebrates the company’s 25th anniversary.


In the Stuttgart planetarium LOBO installs a TriDome projection system using four projectors for the first time.


With the launch of the attraction AMACEON in the German Holiday Park, LOBO enters a new era in multimedia design due to the unique integration of laser, computer animation, video and special effects.